Oslo Airport City (OAC) is an urban property developer in charge of constructing approximately 1 million square meters of commercial space.

A commercial hub to be reckoned with, and an aerotropolis in the true meaning of the word. An aerotropolis is a metropolitan subregion, whose infrastructure, land use and economy are supported by the presence of an airport.

The commercial park will be of a sustainable nature with a dedicated sustainable strategy. It will also generate vast employment opportunities by creating over one million square meters of office spaces, commerce, recreation, hotels and conference halls.

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300 mill. Europeans can be reached within 2 hours of flying

20 min. to downtown Oslo by airport express train

5 min. by Airport Shuttle to OAC

The 20th Century was about cities building airports. The 21st Century will be about airports building cities.

Dr. John D. Kasarda Professor of strategy and entrepreneurship
Kart over Gardermoen Næringspark

Oslo Airport is Norway's most important traffic hub, as well as being a significant focal point for the rest of Scandinavia.

Oslo Airport City will be Norway's largest and most significant commercial park with a preference for innovative solutions. The cluster of businesses and commercial operations based near the main transport hub of Oslo airport will attract both national and multinational corporations.

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